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Roofing Contractors Tewksbury MA

As you compare the different roofing contractors serving the Tewksbury, Massachusetts, area, it can be easy to get the impression that they are basically all the same. Most of them will say that they are licensed and insured, use durable materials, and complete their installations in a precise manner. However, there are certain concrete facts that separate Rite Roofing from other roofing contractors. In particular, our customers appreciate our:

Streak-Resistant Roofing

How many times have you seen an otherwise attractive roof that looks dingy due to unsightly algae growth? Probably too many times to count. While the commonness of this problem may make it seem unavoidable, Rite Roofing offers a proven solution. Our asphalt shingle roofs fortified with Scotchguard ™ 3M Technology feature special copper granules that prevent blue-green algae from colonizing. Because of this and other special attributes, our shingles are guaranteed not to leak or streak.

Exceptionally Strong Warranty Protection

While many roofing contractors are happy to tell you how well their roofs hold up over time, it’s through warranty protection that a company can truly put its money where its mouth is. And in this regard, Rite Roofing goes above and beyond the industry norm. We guarantee that our shingles will stay streak-free for life, providing you with peace of mind that your roof is protected from the unsightly algae that plagues so many homes. Furthermore, we offer a 15-year labor warranty and 130-mph wind coverage while most other roofing contractors back their work for only 2-5 years, with 100-mph coverage.

Want to work with roofing contractors who will settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction? Contact Rite Roofing to learn more about the services we offer in the Tewksbury, MA, area.

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