3 Indicators It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower or Bath

Rite Window & Bath Transformation

Out of all the rooms in your home, which do you think is used the most frequently? Some may say that it is the kitchen area or living room, and they would be right. A room that is sometimes forgotten but frequently used in the bathroom. Bathrooms with the right shower or bath can serve as a space to reset from the daily stressors of life. Outdated and damaged shower units can lower the overall value of your home. Check out these 3 indicators that your shower or bath is ready for a transformation.

Damaged Features

Features can range from the actual base unit to grab bars, temperature handles, or other affixed items like shelves. Even as the most obvious warning sign, damaged features are often ignored for quick fixes. Some indicators of damage include cracked tiles and dented tubs. Tub lines also pose risks for damage. Known for separation between the liner and original tub which is represented by a squishy feeling while in the shower. This squishy area creates a pocket of moist and warm air, leading to mold and a mess in between layers. Due to their application, this mold and mess are impossible to clean or investigate without complete removal.

Mold Buildup

As mentioned above, showers and baths provide the perfect environment for mold and fungal growth to take place. If you notice invasive bacterial growth, it is best to replace the entire unit.  Mold poses a serious threat to you and your family’s health. Continuous exposure to this bacterial growth can cause symptoms of allergies and respiratory issues. Since mold is extremely difficult to remove, it is best to hire the professionals at Rite Window & Bath to replace the infested unit with a fresh shower and new fixtures. Since we go down to the studs of the unit, we eliminate any possible remnants of mold and have a replacement option that virtually eliminates the possibility for future mold growth with regular care and maintenance.

Before Rite Window & Bath Transformation

           Before Rite Window & Bath Transformation

Outdated Appearance

At Rite Window & Bath many homeowners come to us in search of a more modern shower to replace their worn-out unit. We often arrive at a site of fiberglass units that are original to newer built homes. While these all-in-one units are usually not an eyesore, they do cause some loss of room within the shower or bath as it is not seamless to the wall, unlike our replacement units which sit flush to the wall. Other times we see bright or pastel-colored bath units that do not match the homeowner’s aesthetics.

Rite Window & Bath can help you upgrade your unit with an array of fixtures to match or rejuvenate your bathroom’s visual appearance. An upgrade will not only better suit your home’s style but will also add value to your home. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your shower or bath to match your home’s modern decor, click here to explore Rite Window & Bath’s many customizable bath options.

After Rite Window & Bath Transformation

                             After Rite Window & Bath Transformation

Call Rite Window & Bath Today

Whether you’re thinking of selling your house or simply feel the need to change up your shower or bath style, Rite Window & Bath will work with you to create the shower of your dreams. Whether you would like a tub to shower conversion, shower, or bath update, our customers benefit from knowing that our factory-trained and certified bath experts will perform a flawless installation, working alongside our design specialists.

Engineered with mildew-resistant surfaces that resist cracks, staining, and fading over the years our units are the best option. Our acrylic shower systems are non-porous, low maintenance, and retain their beautiful appearance. Whatever option you choose to pursue, you can count on your neighbors at Rite Window & Bath to bring your dreamy Pinterest boards to life, in your very own bathroom. Call Rite Window & Bath today to experience the difference we can make in your next home improvement project.



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