Rite Window Prices

The cost of installing replacement windows varies widely. A local handyman typically installs an off-the-shelf window for the lowest price, while national brands charge over $1,500 for the installation of one double-hung. It’s true that lower prices equal lower quality, but it doesn’t mean the highest price guarantees the highest quality. Remove the name tag from a $30 pair of Levi’s and they’d be the same quality, but they’d sell for half the price. The same is true with high-priced replacement windows; many homeowners end up over-paying for the name tag alone.

How much do Rite Windows cost? Our pricing is neither the lowest nor the highest, we are in the middle. Our products are Energy-Star certified and carry the same insulation ratings as the national brands. Rite Window’s warranty is actually longer than the largest brand and we support it with a full-time Service Department. As a local company Rite Window’s goal is to offer homeowners greater value by providing the same benefits claimed by the national brands, without charging extra for our name.

No company can give you an exact cost without first surveying the project in person, but during the appointment, we’re able to offer different styles, glass packages, and options to achieve a price within your budget. We also have periodic discounts, but unlike our competitors, we do not engage in artificial “buy-one-get-one-free” offers, or “sign tonight and save” pressure tactics. Our policy is to provide an exact quote with straightforward pricing, minus any gimmicks.

Click below and schedule a free quote. We’re confident when you compare the quality of our windows and our price to any other company, Rite Window will be more than worthy of your consideration. Thank you.

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