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Rite Window is the top choice for bathroom remodeling in Rhode Island. Our certified technicians and experienced renovators can transform your bathroom in just one day!

We have over 15 years of experience in delivering unmatched bathroom remodeling services in Rhode Island. Our commitment to quality brings you long-lasting products with speedy installations. With us, you can treat yourself to the dream bathroom you’ve been waiting for.

Top-Level Services

Our comprehensive remodeling services include innovative technology, water-efficient supplies, and accessibility features. Here’s what our expert bathroom remodelers can help you with:

Shower Replacement

There’s a range of options available at Rite Window for a shower remodel. From Kohler walk-in and curbless showers to customized acrylic showers, we offer a unique blend of styles and designs.

Our bathroom remodeling company has transformed hundreds of outdated and damaged showers with more modern and water-efficient ones. Experience the luxury of Kohler LuxStone showers for a relaxing shower experience every day.

Bathtub Replacement

Our team has transformed the most worn-out, outdated baths. With our experience, we offer personalized bathtub designs using high-quality materials such as Kohler, stone, fiberglass, porcelain, and other luxurious varieties.

We understand the importance of feature-rich bathrooms, especially after a long day at work. Therefore, we create bespoke bathtub designs that include low-entries, safe controls, grab bars, water-saving mechanisms, and more.

Our professional installation process is smooth like butter. Rite Window ensures no-mess bathroom remodel outcome within the specified time. And, we only offer premium bathtub materials because we care for your well-being.

Bath-to-Shower Conversion

Planning to convert your traditional bath into a modernized shower space? Rite Window is here to help you create a new bathroom that perfectly matches your needs. Our technicians will assess the current bathtub design and installation to provide tailored recommendations.

We offer modern and innovative shower replacements, giving you the freedom to customize your new shower space to your liking. Our customized design options promise an outstanding aesthetic appeal with unmatched functionality.

Once the plan is finalized, our stress-free bathroom remodel process ensures a seamless transition from a traditional bathtub to a modernized shower, delivering a beautiful and functional new space.

Bath-Shower Combo

Make the most of your available square footage with our unparalleled bath-shower combo, courtesy of Rite Window. We’ll help you combine the versatility of a premium bathtub with the convenience of an innovative shower, all in one cohesive space.

We will aim to create a breathable and relaxing bath-shower environment. Featuring the latest from Kohler and other customizable bath-shower combinations, our designs promise ease of use and long-lasting functionality.

One-Day Expert Bathroom Remodeling

At Rite Window, we specialize in delivering personalized bathroom renovation solutions with remarkable efficiency within a single day. Our service is designed for convenience and speed, making it easier than ever for our Rhode Island customers to achieve the bathroom of their dreams without the hassle of prolonged construction.

Our tailored approach to bathroom remodeling ensures that each renovation meets the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Despite the accelerated timeline, we never compromise on quality craftsmanship. Our expert team pays attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the bathroom remodel is executed to the highest standards.

With Rite Window, you can enjoy a seamless experience. Experience the convenience of a one-day renovation without sacrificing the luxury and functionality of your new bathroom.

Your Trusted Bathroom Remodeling Company

Rite Window has partnered with hundreds of homeowners and commercial real estate developers in Rhode Island to provide outstanding bathroom remodels. We are the go-to choice for home improvement solutions, particularly for luxurious bath and shower makeovers. Our commitment to quality workmanship and technical efficiency is reflected in our stellar customer satisfaction rates.

Why do homeowners choose Rite Window for elegant and stylish bath renovations? Here’s why:

  • Simplified 4-Step Process
  • All-American Company
  • Over 15 Years of Experience
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Top-Quality Kohler Products
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited (A+ Rating)

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